About us

  • Bright Re is a reinsurance broking outfit of Bright Zimbabwe transacting both treaty and facultative business in Zimbabwe and in the region.
  • Over a short space of time, the firm has exponentially grown into a preeminent reinsurance broking services entity in the local and regional markets.
  • We are a young and energetic team of professional reinsurance brokers.
  • We are in the business of advising both primary and secondary underwriters on determining the optimal risk they should retain and arrange appropriate reinsurance coverage.
  •  We also help the underwriters to put together suitable Treaty and Facultative reinsurance arrangements, and subsequent placements on their behalf.

Our Core Competencies

  • Reinsurance Strategy Advisory
  • Treaty Designing and Structuring
  • Treaty and Facultative Reinsurance Broking.
  •  Retrocession Program Design and Placement
  •  Reinsurance Technical Accounting.
  •  Contract and Claims Management
  •  Risk Analysis and Actuarial Modelling.
  • Risk Evaluation and Surveys

Products and Services

  1. Proportional treaty Reinsurance broking
  2. Proportional Facultative Reinsurance broking
  3. Non proportional Treaty Reinsurance broking
  4. Non proportional Treaty Reinsurance Broking
  5. Specialist covers structuring and placement
  6. Retrocession placement and servicing